Vote Labour at the Local Elections
Thursday 6 May 2021

This election is your chance to choose a positive plan for Welwyn Hatfield’s future.

Labour will keep fighting to save the QE2 Urgent Care Centre and local emergency services that are under attack by the Tories and Lib Dems, and work to deliver the infrastructure that Welwyn Hatfield badly needs.

The Council has a role to play in tackling anti-social behaviour, Labour will work with the community to find the right solutions. We can all remember council-run services like West One and the Forum, but there’s nothing like that anymore. A Labour led council will invest in our community.

Labour is committed to joining the vast majority of councils across the Country in having elections every four years instead of every year. This will save you money, time and gives the Council a four year term to get on with the job.

Scroll down to read our pledges across housing, business, environment, emergency services and supporting our local community. You’ll also be able to find out more about the candidates standing in your local area. 


Labour will stand up for renters and those looking for their own homes. We will make sure we have the funding and infrastructure needed to support new builds.

A Labour Council would prioritise the building of new, environmentally friendly Council Housing to ease the pressure on our Council’s housing waiting list and ensure that future generations have the same opportunities as their parents.

Everyone deserves a decent home to live in which is why we will make it mandatory for any private landlord to join the Council’s ‘Partnership Accreditation for Landlords’ scheme – this would ensure a decent standard for private renters across the borough. We’d use the full-powers of the Council to take action on dodgy landlords who refuse to fulfil their responsibilities to their tenants.

Decent places to live cannot be created without the infrastructure required to support our communities. Public Services and basic amenities cannot continue be an afterthought or worse, set aside entirely to serve the wealth of vested interests. If the Government continues to demand housebuilding, a Labour Council will demand that they fund the services needed alongside them.


Labour will give our town centres Free Parking to help our businesses recover. We will use council powers ignored by the Tories to protect local businesses and help our town.

Our town centres will need all the help they can get to bounce back after a year of hardship and three national lockdowns. We’ll make it free to park in both Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield Town Centre to encourage shoppers back when it’s safe to do so.

We will work hard to make sure this Council does more to support small to medium enterprises too. Our Borough cannot be a place to work and live if we continue to allow business premises to be turned into housing. Powers that the current Tory Council have failed to use will be applied to protect valuable employment space.


Labour will bring back ‘Wastecage Wednesday’ to tidy up Welwyn Hatfield. We’ll introduce higher recycling targets, and plant more trees.

We will bring back the popular and successful ‘Wastecage Wednesday’ – a Council funded scheme to help you recycle and get rid of bulky waste items – this will help reduce domestic fly-tipping across the borough. 

Labour will create a fly-tipping rapid response team to deal with any outbreaks of dumped waste across the borough.

Under the Conservatives, Welwyn Hatfields recycling rates have plummeted, litter is out of control and more time is spent hacking down trees than planting them. Labour will introduce higher recycling targets, commit to a considerable planting schedule and tackle the scourge of litter in ALL areas of our town.

Labour will make sure that the importance of the Climate Emergency is reflected in all Council departments, making it a core value of how WHBC operates.

Making a difference for local people

Labour will give our carers and NHS staff free parking and make sure you get the most out of your Council Tax.

We know that the current restrictions of the parking permit schemes can make it difficult for our carers to do their jobs – that’s why Labour will give our carers and NHS staff free permit parking across Welwyn Hatfield.

When your Council Taxes increase you should feel the benefit of it. For too long the Conservatives who control the Borough and County Councils as well as the Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner have hiked up the cost to you while delivering nothing more. Labour would treat your money with the respect it deserves, using it to improve the borough for everyone.

We will review the current policies of outsourcing services (like waste collection and housing repairs) and look to bring them in-house, creating a stronger more sustainable service provision.

Labour will invest in our communities and where external contracts are needed we will ensure they are placed with local companies.

By doing this and more, we will be able to keep Council tax lower than it has been in years under the Conservatives.

We’ve been making the case since 2017 that the Borough Council should ditch having elections every year and join Hatfield Town Council and Herts County Council in the ‘all-out’ elections model, having one vote every four years – something that the majority of the UK already does. On top of saving you money (it is estimated that over £200,000 could be saved over a four year period) it would give the newly elected Council a whole four year term to get on with the job of running the Council, to carry out their election promises, and to be held accountable by residents.

Emergency Services

Labour will reverse cuts to our Fire Service, fight to keep our Urgent Care Centre open and oppose cuts to our Police Service.

On the County Council Labour will reverse the Conservative and Liberal Democrat cuts to our Fire Service, making sure they have the staff, engines and tools to keep themselves safe while looking out for us.

Labour campaigned to stop the overnight closure of the QE2 Urgent Care Centre and it’s a good thing we did – the centre has been used to support the Lister Hospital in dealing with added pressure because of the Coronavirus. We won’t let this valuable local resource be taken from us.

We won’t accept areas of our borough where residents and businesses are affected by anti social behaviour. We won’t support a government that has cut our police service to the point where they can’t deal with rising violent crime. A Labour Police and Crime Commissioner, alongside a Labour Council will work with the Police to get a grip on anti-social behaviour and work harder to direct those involved onto a better path.

Supporting our community from cradle to old age

Labour will listen to our teachers and parents to get the best out of our education system, eliminate holiday hunger for vulnerable children, and give our older residents the dignity of being cared for in their own homes.

Labour will step-in and save Hatfield’s Friendship House which is at risk due to Conservative Cuts. We will value all of our community centres and appreciate the important role they play in bringing our towns together.

Schools and Education
Labour would listen to our teachers and parents who have been ignored during the pandemic. A Labour Council will push back on the Conservative Government cuts to our schools which have left our local education system in crisis with a £50.9 million shortfall in funding.

Children’s Services
Labour will make care leavers a priority for any jobs or apprenticeships at County Hall and our own Council Offices. We’d work with the County Council to restore ‘Family Centres’ across the County to provide effective support to families and children.

Labour would also make sure no child goes hungry over the school holidays, something the Conservative administration was unable to do.

Adult Social Services
Labour will ensure that wherever possible people will be cared for in or near their own homes underpinned by the principles of ethical care & independent living. We will reverse decades of Conservative cuts to the service and proudly increase the allowance for all unpaid full-time carers.


Local Labour members canvassing across Welwyn Hatfield (prior to social distancing)
Local Labour members canvassing across Welwyn Hatfield (prior to social distancing)

We’re your voice on the Council
Just imagine what we could do together.
Vote Labour on 6 May.


Not sure what ward you live in?
You can enter your postcode on this website to find out. Look for the area mentioned under the ‘Your district councillors’ heading.


"These local elections on 6 May are so important and Labour are offering a clear vision of a fairer Welwyn Hatfield that works for everyone." Kieran Thorpe, Labour Group Leader
Kieran Thorpe, Labour Group Leader

To have your voice heard, vote Labour!
Thursday 6 May 2021

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